Previous Question Papers

The best strategy to qualify any entrance exam is to familiarize with the question pattern by working out previous question papers. The more you solve the more the confidence you gain and that is what matters most.....
Your strategy should be
                First learn the topic
                                         Workout some MCQs on the topic 
                                                                                    then workout previous question papers
NEET 2017 Biology Questions and Answers 
(1-1011-20 /21-30/ 31-4041-5051-60/  61-7071-80/81-90)

AIPMT 2014
  1-10/ 11-2021-30/ 31-40/ 41-50/ 51-6061-70/ 71-8081-90)
AIPMT Previous questions 1-1011-20
NEET 2013
NEET Karnataka 2013 

CMC Vellore


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