NEET Biology Videos


UNIT I: Diversity in Living World

 Viroid, Prion, Virusoid and Virus-Differences
 If a bacterium divides every 20 minutes-Formula
Difference between Gram Positive and Gram Negative Bacteria
 Viroid, Prion, Virusoid and Virus-Differences

 Bacteriophage Structure

UNIT II: Structural Organisation in Animals and Plants                                      
UNIT III: Cell Structure and Function
Plant cell and Animal cell  
Cell wall and Cell membrane 

UNIT IV: Plant Physiology
Site of Photosynthesis  
Correct equation of Photosynthesis 

Difference between Cyclic and Non cyclic Photophosphorylation of Light reaction of Photosynthesis
What are Photosystems? Difference between Photosystem I and Photosystem II (PS I vs PS II)

Appressed vs Non-appressed region of chloroplast
4 Stages in Light Dependent Reaction of Photosynthesis

Calvin cycle Steps summary-ATP and NADPH used per glucose molecule synthesized 
Difference between C3 and C4 cycle (C3 vs C4 cycle)

Difference between C4 Cycle and CAM Cycle (C4 plants vs CAM plants)
Correct equation of Photosynthesis 

Nitrogen Cycle                 
UNIT V: Human Physiology

UNIT I: Reproduction                               
UNIT II: Genetics and Evolution
Gene and Chromosomes 

UNIT III: Biology and Human Welfare                                       
UNIT IV: Biotechnology and Its Applications                                      
UNIT V: Ecology and environment

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