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AIPMT Biology Questions and Answers 2014 (41-50)

41. An aggregate fruit is one which develops from
a) Multicarpellary syncarpous gynoecium
b) Multicarpellary apocarpus gynoecium
c) Complete inflorescence
d) Multicarpellary superior ovary

42. At which stage of HIV infection does one usually show symptoms of AIDS?
a) Within 15 days of sexual contact with an infected person
b) When the infected retro virus enters host cells
c)When the viral DNA is produced by reverse transcriptase
d) When HIV damages large number of helper T lymphocytes
43. Pollen tablets are available in the market for 
a) In vitro fertilization
b) Breeding programmes
c) Supplementing food
d) Ex situ conservation

44.  Select the correct matching of the type of the joint with the example in human skeletal system : Type of joint                                Example
a) Cartilaginous joint         between frontal and pariental
b) Pivot joint                       between third andfourth cervical vertebrae
c) Hinge joint                     between humerus and pectoral girdle
d) Gliding joint                between carpals

45. Function of filiform apparatus is to :
a) Recognize the suitable pollen at stigma
b) Stimulate division of generative cell
c) Produce nectar
d) Guide the entry of pollen tube

46. Which of the following causes an increase in sodium reabsorption in the distal convoluted tubule? a) Increase in aldosterone levels
b) Increase in antidiuretic hormone levels
c) Decrease in aldosterone levels
d) Decrease in antidiuretic hormone levels

47. Non-albuminous seed is produced in 
a) Maize
b) Castor
c) Wheat
d) Pea

48. How do parasympathetic neural signals affect the working of the heart? 
a) Reduce both heart rate and cardiac output
b) Heart rate is increased without affecting the cardiac output
c) Both heart rate and cardiac output increase
d) Heart rate decreases but cardiac output increases

49. Which of the following shows coiled RNA strand and capsomeres? 
a) Polio virus
b) Tobacco mosaic virus
c) Measles virus
d) Retrovirus

50. Person with blood group AB is considered as universal recipient because he has 
a) Both A and B antigens on RBC but no antibodiesin the plasma
b) Both A and B antibodies in the plasma
c) No antigen on RBC and no antibody in the plasma
d) Both A and B antigens in the plasma but no antibodies
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41. b) Multicarpellary apocarpus gynoecium
42. b) When the infected retro virus enters host cells
43. c) Supplementing food
44. d) Gliding joint -between carpals
45. d) Guide the entry of pollen tube
46. a) Increase in aldosterone levels
47. d) Pea
48.a) Reduce both heart rate and cardiac output
49. b) Tobacco mosaic virus
50. a) Both A and B antigens on RBC but no antibodiesin the plasma


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