NEET Biology: Medical Entrance Biology Questions and Answers

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NEET Biology MCQ on Reproduction in Organisms

1.  In which of the following mammal estrous cycle is absent:
a) cow
b) horse
c) monkey
d) rabbit

2. Which of the following organism reproduces by transverse binary fission?

3. Asexual reproductive structure of sponge:
a) Gemmules
d)none of these

4. Which of the following is developed by parthenogenesis:
b)queen honey bee
c)worker honey bee
d) both b and c

5. ----- is formed immediately after fertilization
a) morula

6. The process which result the formation of zygote
a) isogamy
b) Anisogamy
c) Triple fusion
d) Syngamy

7. Which of the following is not an asexual reproductive structure?
a) zoospores
b) pollen
c) buds
d) conidia

8. Parthenogenesis is the development of an organism directly from:
a) Female gametes
b) Vegetative cells
c) Fertilized ovum
d)none of these

9. Which of the following organism reproduces by multiple fission?
a) euglena
b) Paramecium

10. Which type of stem modification is seen in banana?
a) stem tuber
b) bulb
d) rhizome
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1. c) monkey
2. d)planaria
3. a) Gemmules
4. a)Drones
5. c)zygote
6. d) Syngamy
7. b) pollen
8. d)none of these
9. d)Plasmodium
10. d) rhizome
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NEET Biology Video on Photosynthesis

Photosynthesis videos
Photosynthesis MCQ
Video: What is the Site of Photosynthesis?
Video: What is the Correct Equation of Photosynthesis 
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MCQ on Transport in Plants - Transpiration and Ascent of Sap

1. Stomata open at night in
a) hydrophytes
c) mesophytes
d) succulents

2. Which of the following chemical serves as an anti-transparent in plants?
a) Cobalt chloride
b) Potassium iodide
c) phenyl mercuric acetate
d) dimethyl mercury

3. Radial conduction of water takes place by
a) Vessels
b) Phloem
c) Ray parenchyma cells
d) Vessels and trachieds

4. In which of the following plants, there will be no transpiration?
a) Plants living in deserts
b) Aquatic, submerged plants
c) Plants growing in hilly regions
d) Aquatic plants with floating leaves

5. Upward movement of water in plants is called
a) ascent of sap
b) Translocation
c) Sucking
d) None of these

6. In land plants, the guard cells differ from other epidermal cells in having
a) cytoskeleton
b) mitochondria
c) ER
d) Chloroplasts

7. Which of the following does not cause opening of stomata?
a) Light
b) Increased pH
c) Reduced pH
d)low carbon dioxide concentration

8. Which of the following statements is not true for stomatal apparatus?
a) Guard cells invariably posses chloroplast and mitochondria
b) Inner wall of guard cells are thick
c) Stomata are involved in gaseous exchange
d) Guard cells are always surrounded by subsidiary cells

9. Transpiration can be influenced by interfering with
a) Guard cell
b) Epidermis of leaf
c) atmospheric temperature
d) osmotic pressure

10. Transpiration is very important for plants because it helps in
 a) The movement of water and minerals absorbed by roots to various parts of the plant
b) The absorption of water from soil
c) The cooling of leaves at high temperature
d) All of these
transport in plants mcq

Learn more:
1. d) succulents
2. c) phenyl mercuric acetate
3. c) Ray parenchyma cells
4. b) Aquatic, submerged plants
5. a) ascent of sap
6. d) Chloroplasts
7. c) Reduced pH
8. d) Guard cells are always surrounded by subsidiary cells
9. c) atmospheric temperature
10. d) All of these
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NEET Biology Video on Ecosystem

                       Class XII Topics: UNIT V: Ecology and environment
                         Topics discussed in this video - Ecosystem
  • What is an Ecosystem?
  • Different types of Ecosystem
  • Components of ecosystem
  • Examples of Ecosystem
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NEET Biology Video - Cell wall and Cell membrane

                  Class XI TopicsUNIT III: Cell Structure and Function 
              Topics discussed in this video - Cell wall and Cell membrane
NEET Biology Video - Cell wall and Cell membrane
                      Learn more
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