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NEET BIOLOGY 2017 Questions and Answers (81-90)

81. Myelin sheath is produced by :
1.Schwanl Cells and Oligodendrocytes
2. Astrocytes and Schwann Cells
3. OligodendrocytesandOsteoclasts
4. Osteoclasts and Astrocytes

82. In case of a couple where the male is having a very ' low sperm count, which technique will be suitable for fertilisation ?
1. Inhauterinehansfer
2. Gamete inhacytoplasmic fallopian transfer
3.  Artificiallnsemination
4.  Intracytopiasmic sperm iniection

83. Which of the following components provides sticky character to the bacterial cell?
1. Cell wall
2. Nuclear membrane
3. Plasma membrane
4. Glycocalyx

84. DNA replication in bacteria occurs :
1. During S Phase
2. Within nucleolus
3. Prior to fission
4. Just before transcription

85. The function of copper ions in copper releasing IUD's is :
1. They suppress sperm motility and fertilising capacity of sperms.
2. They inhibit gametogenesis.
3. They make uterus unsuitable for implantation.
4.  They inhibit ovulation.

86. Which of the following in sewage treatment removes suspended solids ?
1. Tertiary treatment
2. Secondary treatment
3. primary treatment
4. Sludge treatment

87. The water potential of pure water is :
1. zero
2. Less than zero
3. More than zero but less than one
4.  More than one

88. Identify the wrong statement in context of heartwood
1. Organic conpounds ale deposited in it
2. It is highly durable
3. It conducts water and minerals efficiently
4. It comprises dead elements with highly lignified walls

89. Thalassemia ancl sickle cell anemia ate caused due to a problem in globin molecule synthesis' Select the correct statement.
1. Both are due to qualitative defect in globin chain synthesis
2. Both are due to a quantitative defect in globin chain synthesis.
3. Thalassemia is due to less synthesis of globin molecules.
4. Sickle cell anemia is due to a quantitative problem of globin molecules

90. Flowers Which have single ovule ilt the ovary and are packed into inflorescence "usually pollinated
1) Water
2) Bee
3) Wind
4) Bat
NEET BIOLOGY 2017 Questions and Answers
81.Schwanl Cells and Oligodendrocytes
82. 4.  Intracytopiasmic sperm iniection
83. 4. Glycocalyx
84. 3. Prior to fission
85. 1. They suppress sperm motility and fertilising capacity of sperms.
86. 3. primary treatment
88. 3.It conducts water and minerals efficiently
89. 3. Thalassemia is due to less synthesis of globin molecules.
90. 3) Wind


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