Medical Entrance Biology Questions (CMC Vellore)

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1. Prop roots are found in
(A) mango trees
(B) tamarind trees
(C) peepul trees
(D) neem trees
(E) banyan trees
2. The number of thoracic vertebrae in man is
(A) 7
(B) 9
(C) 10
(D) 12
(E) 15
3. The first modern theory of evolution was explained by
(A) Charles Darwin
(B) Lamarck
(C) Mendel
(D) T.Weevers
(E) Devries
4. Clear alternation of generation is seen in
(A) ferns
(B) monkeys
(C) mucor
(D) bacteria
(E) viruses22
5. Enzymes are made up of
(A) fats
(B) proteins
(C) vitamins
(D) starches
(E) nucleic acids
6. Hypogynous flowers are
(A) flowers with superior ovary
(B) flowers with inferior ovary
(C) flowers with semi-inferior ovary
(D) flowers without ovary
(E) bisexual flowers
7. Corpus callosum is present in the brain of
(A) fishes
(B) birds
(C) snails
(D) mammals
(E) cockroach
8. Absorption of food and water into the body is largely done by
(A) columnar epithelium
(B) connective tissue
(C) squamous epithelium
(D) adipose tissue
(E) hyaline cartilage
9. The flowers of the compositae is
(A) epigynous
(B) perigynous
(C) half perigynous
(D) hypogynous
(E) aromatic
10. Anaerobes are those that
(A) can live in the absence of oxygen
(B) do not utilise gaseous oxygen in their metabolism
(C) use free oxygen only occasionally
(D) prefer to live in darkness
(E) live in air
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1. (E), 2. (D),  3. (B), 4. (A), 5. (B), 6. (A), 7. (D), 8. (A), 9. (A),  10. (A)

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