NEET 2013 Solved Biology Questions

1. Perisperm differs from endosperm in
(1) having no reserve food
(2) being a diploid tissue
(3) Its formation by fusion of secondary nucleus with several sperms
(4) being a haploid tissue
2. Besides paddy fields cyanobacteria are also found inside vegetative part of
(1) Cycas
(2) Equisetum
(3) Psilotum
3. Megasporangium is equivalent to
(2) Nucellus
(3) Ovule
4. Seed coat is not thin, membranous in
(1) Coconut
(2) Groundnut
(3) Gram
(4) Maize
5. Which of the following cannot be detected in a developing foetus by amniocentesis?
(1) Sex of the foetus
(2) Down syndrome
(3) Jaundice
(4) Klinefelter syndrome
6. The Golgi complex plays a major role:
(1) in digesting proteins and carbohydrates
(2) as energy transferring organelles
(3) in post translational modification of proteins and glycosidation of lipids
(4) in trapping the light and transforming it into chemical energy
7. Which Mendelian idea is depicted by a cross in which the F1 generation resembles both the parents?
(1) Law of dominance
(2) Inheritance of one gene
(3) Co dominance
(4) Incomplete dominance
8. The cell mediated immunity inside the human body is carried out by
(1) B-lymphocytes
(2) Thrombocytes
(4) T lymphocytes
9. Age of tree can be estimated by
(1) biomass
(2) number of annual rings
(3) diameter of its heartwood
(4) its height and girth
10. During seed germination its stored food is mobilized by:
(2) ABA
(3) Gibberellin
(4) Ethylene
1. (2) being a diploid tissue
2. (1)Cycas
3. (3) Ovule
4. (1) Coconut
5. (3) Jaundice
6. (3) in post translational modification of proteins and glycosidation of lipids
7. (3) Co dominance
8. (4) T lymphocytes
9. (2) number of annual rings
10. (3) Gibberellin


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