2018 NEET Biology Questions (61-70)

61. Which of the following animals does not undergo metamorphosis?
(1) Moth (2) Tunicate (3) Earthworm (4) Starfish
Answer ( 3 )Earthworm 

62. Which of the following organisms are known as chief producers in the oceans?
(1) Cyanobacteria (2) Diatoms (3) Dinoflagellates (4) Euglenoids
Answer ( 2 ) Diatoms 

63. Which one of the following population interactions is widely used in medical science for the production of antibiotics?
(1) Parasitism (2) Mutualism (3) Commensalism (4) Amensalism
Answer ( 4 )Amensalism

2018 NEET Biology Questions
64. All of the following are included in ‘ex-situ conservation’ except
(1) Botanical gardens
(2) Sacred groves
(3) Wildlife safari parks
(4) Seed banks
Answer (2) Sacred groves

65. Match the items given in Column I with those in Column II and select the correct option given below :
Column-I                 Column-II
a. Eutrophication i. UV-B radiation
b. Sanitary landfill ii. Deforestation
c. Snow blindness iii. Nutrient enrichment
d. Jhum cultivation iv. Waste disposal
      a b c d
(1) iii iv i ii
(2) i iii iv ii
(3) ii i iii iv
(4) i ii iv iii
Answer ( 1 )

66. In a growing population of a country,
(1) reproductive and pre-reproductive individuals are equal in number.
(2) reproductive individuals are less than the post-reproductive individuals.
(3) pre-reproductive individuals are more than the reproductive individuals.
(4) pre-reproductive individuals are less than the reproductive individuals.
Answer ( 3 )pre-reproductive individuals are more than the reproductive individuals.

67. Which part of poppy plant is used to obtain the drug “Smack”?
(1) Roots (2) Latex (3) Flowers (4) Leaves
Answer ( 2 )Latex

68. All of the following are part of an operon except
(1) an enhancer
(2) structural genes
(3) an operator
(4) a promoter
Answer (1)an enhancer

69. A woman has an X-linked condition on one of her X chromosomes. This chromosome can be inherited by
(1) Only grandchildren
(2) Only sons
(3) Only daughters
(4) Both sons and daughters
Answer (4) Both sons and daughters

70. According to Hugo de Vries, the mechanism of evolution is
(1) Phenotypic variations
(2) Saltation
(3) Multiple step mutations
(4) Minor mutations
Answer (2)Saltation

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