NEET Biology Questions 2018 (1-10)

1) Oxygen is not produced during photosynthesis by
(1) Cycas (2) Nostoc (3) Green sulphur bacteria (4) Chara
Answer (3) Green sulphur bacteria
2. Double fertilization is
(1) Fusion of two male gametes with one egg
(2) Fusion of one male gamete with two polar nuclei
(3) Fusion of two male gametes of a pollen tube with two different eggs
(4) Syngamy and triple fusion
Answer (4) Syngamy and triple fusion

3. Which one of the following plants shows a very close relationship with a species of moth,
where none of the two can complete its life cycle without the other?
(1) Banana (2) Yucca (3) Hydrilla (4) Viola
Answer  (2) Yucca
NEET Biology Questions 2018
4. Pollen grains can be stored for several years in liquid nitrogen having a temperature of
(1) –196°C (2) –80°C (3) –120°C (4) –160°C
Answer (1) –196°C
5. Which of the following elements is responsible for maintaining turgor in cells?
(1) Potassium (2) Sodium (3) Magnesium (4) Calcium
Answer (1) Potassium
6. What is the role of NAD+ in cellular respiration?
(1) It is a nucleotide source for ATP synthesis.
(2) It functions as an electron carrier.
(3) It functions as an enzyme.
(4) It is the final electron acceptor for anaerobic respiration.
Answer  (2) It functions as an electron carrier.
7. In which of the following forms is iron  absorbed by plants?
(1) Free element
(2) Ferrous
(3) Ferric
(4) Both ferric and ferrous
                                                                                                                 Answer  (3) Ferric
8. Which of the following is commonly used as a vector for introducing a DNA fragment in
human lymphocytes?
(1)  phage (2) Ti plasmid  (3) Retrovirus (4) pBR 322
                                                                                                            Answer (3)Retrovirus
9. Use of bioresources by multinational companies and organisations without
authorisation from the concerned country and its people is called
(1) Biodegradation (2) Biopiracy (3) Bio-infringement (4) Bioexploitation
                                                                                                    Answer (2) Biopiracy
10. In India, the organisation responsible for assessing the safety of introducing genetically modified organisms for public use is
(1) Research Committee on Genetic Manipulation (RCGM)
(2) Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)
(3) Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR)
(4) Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee (GEAC)
                                                     Ans:(4) Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee (GEAC)
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