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1. Edible part of mango is
a) epicarp
b) endocarp
c) Mesocarp
d) receptacle
2. Vth cranial nerve of frog is
a) facial
b) Olfactory
c) Trigeminal
d) vagus
3. What do you mean by closed vascular bundle?
a) Cambium absent
b) Cambium present
c) periderm absent
d) periderm present
4. Pectoral girdle constitute
a) scapula and clavicle
b) radius and clavicle
c) ilium and ischium
d) maxilla and mandible
5. Which of the ecological pyramid is always upright?
a) pyramid of numbers
b) pyramid of biomass
c) pyramid of energy
d) none of these
6. Which of the following hormones is correctly matched with its deficiency disease?
a) relaxin- cretinism
b) Parathormone - tetany
c) insulin- diabetes insipidus
d) prolactin- astigmatism
7. Brunner’s gland is present in
a) Liver
b) Oesophagus
c) Duodenum
d) Stomach
8. Examples of corm is
a) Ginger
b) colacasia
c) Onion
d) Potato
9. Binomial nomenclature was given by
a) R.H Whittakar
b) Linnaeus
c) Aristotle
d) Theophrastus
10. Sand fly acts ac vector which disease
a) Filaria
b) Kala azar
c) Oriental sore
d) African sleeping sickness
1. c) Mesocarp
The Mesocarp of mango fruit is pulpy and edible
2. c) Trigeminal
It is a mixed nerve
3. a) Cambium absent
4. a) scapula and clavicle
Pectoral girdle consists of two dorsal scapulae attached to the backbone and two ventral clavicles attached to the sternum.
5. c) pyramid of energy
6. b) Parathormone - tetany
7. c) Duodenum
8. b) colacasia
9. b) Linnaeus
10. b) Kala azar

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