JIPMER Medical Entrance Previous Questions

1. Moulting Hormone is secreted by
a) Corpora cardiacum
b) Corpora allata
c) Neurosecretory hormone
d) Prothoracic gland
2. Movements by pseudopodia of Amoeba are due to changes in
a) Pressure
b) Atmosphere
c) Temperature
d) Viscosity
3. From Outer to inside the sequence of three bones present in the middle ear
a) malleus, stapes and incus
b) stapes, malleus and incus
c) malleus, incus and stapes
d) incus , malleus and stapes
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4. The reabsorption of water in the kidney is under the control of
a) LH
b) ADH
c) STH
5. Yersinia pestis is responsible for
a) Syphilis
b) Whooping cough
c) Plague
d) Leprosy
6. Protein present in silk fibre is
a) Casein
b) Keratin
c) elastin
d) Fibroin
7. Ovulation takes place in a month between
a) 11-14 day
b) 14-16 day
c) 15-28 day
d) 21-26 day
8. In sea anemone, the symmetry is
a) radial
b) Bilateral
c) Spherical
d) Absent
9. Compound squamous epithelium is found in
a) Stomach
b) Intestine
c) Trachea
d) Pharynx
10. Solenocytes are associated with
a) Respiration
b) Excretion
c) Digestion
d) Nutrition
1. d) Prothoracic gland
2. d) Viscosity
3. c) malleus, incus and stapes
4. b) ADH
5. c) Plague
6. d) Fibroin
7. b) 14-16 day
8. a) radial
9. d) Pharynx
10. b) Excretion
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