Solved Question Paper- Karnataka CET 2007

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1. In which of the following organisms, self fertilization is seen
a) Fish
b) Roundworm
c) Earth worm
d) Liverfluke
2. Rauwolfia serpentine belongs to the --- family
a) Apocyanaceae
b) Solanaceae
c) Fabaceae
d) Liliaceae
3. In ABO blood group, how many phenotypes are found?
a) 1
b) 3
c) 4
d) 6
4. The tumour inducing capacity of Agrobacterium tumefaciens is located in large extra chromosomal plasmid called
a) Ri Plasmid
b) Lambda phage
c) Ti plasmid
d) pBR 322
5. If a length of DNA has 45000 base pairs, how many complete turns
a) 45
b) 450
c) 4,500
d) 45,000
6. The process in which mature differentiated cells reverse to meristematic activity to form callus is called
a) Dedifferentiation
b) Differentiation
c) cytodifferentiation
d) redifferentiation
7. The lateral roots originate from
a) endosperm
b) endoderm
c) pericycle cells
d) epiblema
8. Which accessory genital gland occurs only in mammalian male?
a) Prostate gland
b) Perineal gland
c) Cowper’s gland
d) Bartholian gland
9. When the concentration of the soil solutes is low, the absorption of water
a) remains normal
b) is stopped
c) is decreased
d) is increased
10. Sterilization of tissue culture medium is done by
a) Autoclaving of medium at 1200C for 15 minutes
b) Filtering the medium through fine sieve
c) Mixing the medium with antifungal agents
d) Keeping the medium at -200c
1. d) Liverfluke
  • Self Fertilization: Fusion of male and female gametes produced by the same individual. It occurs in bisexual organisms (flowering plants, protozoans, invertebrates)
2. a) Apocyanaceae
3. c) 4
4. c) Ti plasmid
5. c) 4,500
6. a) Dedifferentiation
  • Differentiation: Process of change in cell, tissue or organ resulting in the variety of structure and function found in the adult or other phases in the life history.
  • Dedifferentiation: It is a phenomenon of reversion of differentiated cells or nuclei to non differentiated cells or nuclei.
  • Cytodifferentiation : Means the invitro vascular differentiation particularly the xylem (Vascular) elements within the callus tissue
7. c) pericycle cells
8. c) Cowper’s gland
9. b) is stopped
10. a) Autoclaving of medium at 1200C for 15 minutes

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