MCQ on Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering

1. Which one of the following is used as vector for cloning  genes into higher organisms?
c) Rhizopus nigricans
d)Salmonella typhimurium
2.Satellie DNA is useful tool in
a) sex determination
b)organ transplantation
c)genetic engineering
d)forensic science
3. Maximum number of existing transgenic animals is of
4. Which one of the following techniques made it possible to genetically  engineer living organisms?
a)X Ray diffraction
b) hybridization
c)heavier isotope labelling
d)recombinant DNA techniques
5. The genetically modified GM Brinjal in India has been developed for

a)insect resistance
b) drought resistance
c)enhancing shelf life
d)enhancing mineral content
6. Which  of the following is produced by genetically engineered bacteria?
7. Taq and Pfu isolated from thermophilic bacteria are
a) thermostable RNA polymerases
b) thermostable DNA polymerases
c) thermostable Restriction polymerases
d) thermostable DNA ligases
8. In hybridoma technology devised by Kohler and Milstein,
a) Th cells are fused with B cells
b) Th cells are fused with myeloma cells
c) B cells are fused with myeloma cells
d) T cells are fused with myeloma cells
9. GAATTC is the recognition site for which of the following restriction endonuclease?
a)Bam H1
b)Hae III
c) EcoR1
d)Hind III
10.Which of the following is a plasmid?
c)Bam H1
d)Sal I
1. a)Retrovirus
2. d)forensic science
3. b)mice
4. d)recombinant DNA techniques
5. a)insect resistance
6. b)insulin
7. b) thermostable DNA polymerases
8. c) B cells are fused with myeloma cells
9. c) EcoR1
10. a)pBR322

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