MCQ on Photosynthesis | Plant Physiology MCQ

1. One molecule of glucose in Calvin cycle is formed from
a)6CO2 + 12 ATP
b) 6CO2 + 30 ATP+12NADPH
c) 6CO2 + 18 ATP+12NADPH
d) 6CO2 + 18 ATP+30NADPH

2. Which of the following is wrongly matched?
a)sorghum- Kranz anatomy
b) PEP carboxylase- mesophyll cells
c)Blackman-law of limiting factors
d)photorespiration- C3 plants
e) PSII-P700

3. The mineral involved in water spitting reaction during photosynthesis are
a) potassium and maganese
b) magnesium and chlorine
c) manganese and chlorine
d) magnesium and chlorine

4.  Example of water soluble plant pigment is
a)chlorophyll a
b) chlorophyll b
c) anthocyanin
d) xanthophyll

5. Select the incorrect matched pair with regard to C4 cycle.
a) primary CO2 fixation product -PGA
b) c4 pant- maize
c)location of enzyme RuBisCO- bundle sheath cells
d)site of initial carboxylation- mesophyll cells

6. Light reaction of photosynthesis occurs inside
Light reactions and Calvin cycle

a) stroma
b) grana
c) endoplasmic reticulum
d) cytoplasm

7.Non cyclic photophosphorylation results in the production of
a) ADP

8. Electrons from excited chlorophyll molecules of photosystem II are accepted first by
c)cytochrome b
d) cytochrome f

9. Statement A: Photorespiration decrease photosynthetic output
Statement B:In photorespiratory pathway, neither ATP nor NADPH is produced.
a) Statement A is correct and statement B is wrong
b) Both the statements A and B are correct.
c) Statement B is correct and statement A is wrong
d) Both statement A and B are wrong

10. Assertion: in light reaction of photosynthesis, light is required for the functioning of PS  I and PS II, and production of ATP and NADPH.
Reason: dark reaction does not occur in light
a)If both assertion and reason are true and reason is the correct explanation of assertion.
b)if both assertion and reason are false
c) if assertion is true but reason is false
d) If both assertion and reason are true but reason is not the correct explanation of assertion.

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1. c) 6CO+ 18 ATP+12NADPH
2. e) PSII-P700
3. c) manganese and chlorine
4. c) anthocyanin
5. a) primary CO2 fixation product -PGA
6. b) grana
7. c)ATP and NADPH
8. b)pheophytin
9. b) Both the statements A and B are correct.
10. c) if assertion is true but reason is false
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