Manipal Medical Entrance Previous Questions and Answers

1. Stanley’s experiment supports
a) Biogenesis
b) Abiogenesis
c) Chemical theory
d) Pangenesis theory
2. Darwin travelled in
a) HMS Beagle
b) Queen Victoria
c) HNS Eagle
d) Elizabeth
3. Episomes are
a) extranuclear parts of bacteria
b) Toxins producing bodies of bacteria
c) extranuclear components with least number of genes
d) The plasmids which have power to integrate with bacterial chromosomes
4. Which of the following is characteristic of ferns?
a) leafy gametophyte
b) circinate venation
c) mycorrhizal roots
d) coralloid roots
5. The most extensively used bacteria in genetic engineering is
a) Clostridium
b) Salmonella
c) Bacillus thuringiensis
d) Escherichia coli
6. Histogen tissues are classified on the basis of
a) Plane of division
b) Types of cells they give rise to
c) Origin
d) position
7. Law of limiting factors was given by
a) Blackmann
b) Hill
c) Calvin
d) Arnon
8. Wilting in plants occur due to
a) diffusion
b) Exosmosis
c) Endosmosis
d) Imbibition
9. In tall trees, water is absorbed due to
a) Root pressure
b) photosynthesis
c) capillary action
d) transpiration pull
10. The term parenchyma was coined by
a) Hooke
b) Schleiden
c) Grew
d) Mettenius
Learn more:
1. c) Chemical theory
2. a) HMS Beagle
3. d) The plasmids which have power to integrate with bacterial chromosomes
4. b) circinate venation
5. d) Escherichia coli
6. b) Types of cells they give rise to
7. a) Blackmann
8. b) Exosmosis
9. d) transpiration pull
10. c) Grew


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