COMEDK Medicine Previous Question Paper

COMEDK: Consortium of Medical Engineering and Dental Colleges of Karnataka (2009)
1. Spongiform encephalopathy is caused by
a) virus
b) fungus
c) prion
d) E.coli
2. Lower vascular plants which produce seeds but not fruits belong to the group
a) Bryophyta
b) Pteridophyta
c) Gymnosperms
d) Eugkenophyta
3. During silk reeling, pupae inside the cocoons are killed by
a) crushing
b) pressing
c) Stifling
d) Asphyxiation
4. Terrestrial, pokilothermal animal laying cleidoic eggs is
a) Bufo bufo
b) Catla catla
c) Calotes versicolor
d) Columba livia
5. Choose the group containing only amniotes
a) Frog, Fowl, Human
b) Fish, Frog, Fowl
c) Bufo, Fish, Frog
d) Wolf, Fowl, Rabbit
6. Remove the odd number from the list
a) Pavo cristatus
b) Gallus gallus
c) Bubo bubo
d) Varanus bengalensis
7. Puffs of polytene chromosome are specially concerned with
a) Ecdysone
b) ligase
c) DNA polymerase
d) RNA polymerase
8. The term plasmodesmata was coined by
a) Davson
b) Strasburger
c) Robertson
d) Lewis
9. The bonds present between AMP + Pi and ADP +Pi are
a) Phosphodiester bonds
b) Covalent bonds
c) phophoester bonds
d) Phospho anhydride bonds
10. The formation of peptide bond involves
peptide bond
a) Two amino acids
b) Two monosaccharides
c) Condensation reaction
d) Both A and C
Learn more:
1. c) prion
2. c) Gymnosperms
3. d) Asphyxiation
4. a) Bufo bufo
5. d) Wolf, Fowl, Rabbit
6. d) Varanus bengalensis
7. d) RNA polymerase
8. b) Strasburger
9. d) Phospho anhydride bonds
10. d) Both A and C
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