Karnataka NEET 2013 Biology Questions and Answers

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1. The plant body is thalloid in
a) Funaria
b) Sphagnum
c) Salvinia
d) Marchantia
2. Which one of the following is true for fungi?
a) They are phagotrophs
b) They lack a rigid cell wall
c) They are heterotrophs
d) They lack nuclear membrane
3. Specialized cells for fixing atmospheric nitrogen in Nostoc are
a) Akinetes
b) Heterocysts
c) Hormogonia
d) Nodules
4. The common characteristics between tomato and potato will be maximum at the level of their
a) Genus
b) Family
c) Order
d) Division
5. What is common in all the three, Funaria, Dryopteris and Gingo?
a) Independent sporophyte
b) Presence of archegonia
c) Well developed vascular tissues
d) Independent gametophyte
6. Which one of the following is wrongly matched?
a) Nostoc-Water blooms
b) Spirogyra-Motile gametes
c) Sargassum-Chlorophyll C
d) Basidiomycetes-Puffballs
7. Among flowers of Calotropis, tulip, Sesbania,Asparagus, Colchicine, Sweet pea, Petunia, Indigofera, Mustard, Soybean, Tobacco and groundnut howmany plants have corolla with valvate aestivation?
a. Five
b. Six
c. Seven
d. Eight
8. How many plants among China rose, Ocimum,sunflower, mustard, Alstonia, guava, Calotropis and Nerium (Oleander) have opposite phyllotaxy?
a. Two
b. Three
c. Four
d. Five
9. In a cymose inflorescence the main axis
a. Terminates in a flower
b. Has unlimited growth
c. Bears a solitary flower
d. Has unlimited growth but lateral branches end in flowers
10. Which of the following statements is not true for stomatal apparatus?
a. Inner walls of guard cells are thick
b. Guard cells invariably possess chloroplasts and mitochondria
c. Guard cells are always surrounded by subsidiary cells
d. Stomata are involved in gaseous exchange
1. a) Funaria
2. c) They are heterotrophs
3. b) Heterocysts
4. b) Family
5. b) Presence of archegonia
6. b) Spirogyra-Motile gametes
7. c. Seven
8. b. Three
9. a. Terminates in a flower
10. c. Guard cells are always surrounded by subsidiary cells
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