MCQ on Bacteria and Bacteriophage

1. Bacteria whose cells have only a single curve are known
a) vibrio
b) cocci
c) sprilla
d) bacilli

 2. Plasmid
a)replicate independently of the main chromosome
b)often contain antibiotic resistance genes
c)are transferred from one bacterium to another by conjugation
d)all of these

3. Largest among sulphur bacteria are
a) Chlorobium
b) Beggiatoa
d) Chromatium

4. Infectious proteins
a) Prions
c) Virion
d) None of these

5. Provirus is
a)a free DNA
b) an integrated viral genome
c) a free virus
d)a primitive virus

6. Germ theory of disease was putforth by
a)Edward Jenner
c)Louis Pasteur
d)Robert Koch

7.Bacteria differ from other plants in that they do not have
c)cell wall
d)a well defined nucleus

8. Bacteriophage kill
a) viruses
b) bacteria
c) viruses and bacteria
d) none of these

9. Mesosome in a bacteria cell is?
a) plasmid
b) plasma membrane infolding for respiration
c) connection between two adjacent cells
d) none of these

10. The wall of bacteria consists of
a) Cellulose
b) N acetyl glucosamine
c) N acetyl muramic acid
d) both b and c
Learn more:
1.a) vibrio
2. d) all of these
3. b) Beggiatoa
4. a) Prions
5. b) an integrated viral genome
6. b) Weismann
7. d) a well defined nucleus
8. b) bacteria
9. a) plasmid
10. d) both b and c
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