AIPMT Biology Questions and Answers 2014 (61-70)

61. In vitro clonal propagation in plants is characterized by 
a) PCR and RAPD
b) Northern blotting
c) Electrophoresis and HPLC
d) Microscopy

62. A location with luxuriant growth of lichens on the trees indicates that the 
a) Trees are very healthy
b) Trees are heavily infested
c) Location is highly polluted
d) Location is not polluted
63.  Select the Taxon mentioned that represents both marine and fresh water species 
a) Echinoderms
b) Ctenophora
c) Cephalochordata
d) Cnidaria

64. An alga which can be employed as food for human being is a) Ulothrix
b) Chlorella
c) Spirogyra
d) Polysiphonia

65. The zone of atmosphere in which the ozone layer is present is called 
a) Ionosphere
b) Mesosphere
c) Stratosphere
d) Troposphere

66. Which vector can clone only a small fragment of DNA? 
a) Bacterial artificial chromosome
b) Yeast artificial chromosome
c) Plasmid
d) Cosmid

67. The organization which publishes the Red List of species is 
d) WWF

68. An example of ex situ conservation is 
a) National Park
b) Seed Bank
c) Wildlife Sanctuary
d) Sacred Grove

69. A species facing extremely high risk of extinction in the immediate future is called 
a) Vulnerable
b) Endemic
c) Critically Endangered
d) Extinct

70. Match the following and select the correct option :
(a) Earthworm                (i) Pioneer species
(b) Succession             (ii) Detritivore
(c) Ecosystem service (iii) Natality
(d) Population growth   (iv) Pollination

      (a)  (b) (c) (d)
(A) (i)   (ii) (iii) (iv)
(B) (iv)  (i) (iii) (ii)
(C) (iii)  (ii) (iv) (i)
(D) (ii)  (i) (iv) (iii)
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61. a) PCR and RAPD
62. d) Location is not polluted
63. d) Cnidaria
64. b) Chlorella
65. c) Stratosphere
66. c) Plasmid
67. b) IUCN
68. b) Seed Bank
69. c) Critically Endangered
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