Multiple Choice Questions on Enzymes

1. Enzymes are not found in
a) Fungi
b) Virus
c) Algae
d) Cyanobacteria

2.  Enzymes are
a) Thermophile
b) Thermolabile
c) Thermostable
d) All of these

3. Role of enzyme in reaction is to is to / as

Role of enzymes
a) Decrease activation energy
b) Increase of activation energy
c) Inorganic catalyst
d) None of these

4. Co factor (prosthetic group) is a part of holoenzyme. It is
a) Loosely attached organic part
b) Loosely attached inorganic part
c) Accessory non protein substance attached firmly
d) None of these

5. An organic substance bound to an enzyme to an enzyme and essential for its activity is called
a) isoenzyme
b) coenzyme
c) apoenzyme
d) holoenzyme

6. Which of the following is an enzyme inhibitor?
a) Cyanide
b) Azide
c) Sulphide
d) all of these

7. Zymogens are
a) Active enzymes
b) Solvent of enzymes
c) Chemical precursor of enzymes
d) Enzyme inhibitors

8. The typsinase, is activated by ion-
a) Iron
b) Copper
c) Potassium
d) Calcium

9. Enzymes first used for nitrogen fixation
a) Nitrogenase
b) Transferase
c) Transaminase
d) Nitroreductase

10. The enzymes are involved in feedback inhibition are called
a) Allosteric enzymes
b) Coenzymes
c) Holoenzymes
d) Coenzymes

Learn more
1. b) Virus
2. b) Thermolabile
3. a) Decrease activation energy
4. c) Accessory non protein substance attached firmly
5. b) coenzyme
6. d) all of these
7. c) Chemical precursor of enzymes
8. b) Copper
9. a) Nitrogenase
10. a) Allosteric enzymes


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