Multiple Choice Questions on Viruses

1. Which of the following is true of viruses?
a)multiply only in the host cells
b)are made up of proteins only
c)behave as if they are plants
d)occur only inside bacteria
2. Viruses are essentially made up of
a)proteins and lipids
b)starch and carbohydrates
c)proteins and nucleic acid
d)starch, proteins and carbohydrates
3.Viral genes are made of
a)RNA only
b)DNA only
c)either DNA or RNA
d)either proteins or nucleic acids

4. Mark the statement that is correct for viruses only:
a)they are intracellular facultative parasites
b)they reproduce and mutate
c)their genetic material is DNA
d)they lack functional anatomy
5. TMV was first isolated in crystalline form by:

6. A virus that can reproduce without killing its host is called a:
a)Lytic virus
c)Temperate virus
d)Retroactive virus

7.The fact that best supports the concept that viruses are living is that viruses?
a)are made of common chemicals
b)causes diseases
c)duplicate themselves
d)penetrate cell membranes

8. A virion is
a)a infectious nucleic acid
b) an infectious virus particle
c)a virus parasite on algae
d)a virus parasite on bacteria

9. A viriod is a:
a)virus which infects blue green algae
b)naked infectious nucleic acid
c)virus with nucleic acid and protein shell
d)virus which infects bacteria

10. Prions are 
a) organism containing only nucleic acid (DNA or RNA)
b) protein which are capable of replication within certain mammalian cells
c) small cells which are infectious
d)fungal toxins
1.a)multiply only in the host cells
2. c)proteins and nucleic acid
3. c)either DNA or RNA
4. b)they reproduce and mutate
5. d)Stanley
6. c)Temperate virus
7. b)causes diseases
8. b) an infectious virus particle
9. b)naked infectious nucleic acid
10. b) protein which are capable of replication within certain mammalian cells
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