2017 NEET Biology Questions and Answers (41-50)

41. The pivot joint between atlas and axis is a type of :
1. fibrous joint
2.  cartilaginous joint
3.  synovial joint
 4. saddle joint

42. A gene whose expression helps to identify transformed cell is known as :
1. Selectable marker
2. Vector
3. Plasmid
 4. Structural gene

43. Presence of plants arranged into well defined vertic layers depending on their height can be seen be in:
1.  Tropical Savannah
2.  Tropical Rain Forest
3.  Grassland
4.  Temperate Forest
44. The genotypes of a Husband and Wife are IAIB and IAi.
Among the blood types of their children, how many o different and phenotypes are possible.
1.  3 genotypes; 3 Phenotypes
2. 3 genotypes; 4 Phenotypes
3. 4 genotypes ; 3 phenotypes
4. 4 genotypes; 4phenotypes

45.  Zygotic meiosis is characteristic of
1. Marchantia
2. Fucus
3.  Funaria
4. Chlamydomonas

46.  A Which of the following is correctly matched for the product produced by them?
1.  Acetobacter aceti: Antibioics
2.  Methanobacteium : Lactic acid
3.  Penicillium notatum: Acetic acid
4. Saccharomyces cerevisiae : Ethanol  

47. Frog's heart when taken out of the body continues to beat for sometime
Select the best option from the following statements.
a.  Frog is a poikilotherm.
b. Frog does not have any coronary circulation.
c. Heart is "myogenic" in nature.
d. Heart is autoexcitable.
(1) oniy (c)
(2) only (d)
(3) (a) and (b)
4. (c) and (d)

48. Which statement is wrong for Krebs'cycle ?
1.There are three points in the cycle where NAD+ is reduced to NADH+ H+
2. There is one point in the cycle where FAD+ is reduced to FADH2
3. During conversion of succinyl CoA to succinic acid, a molecule of GTP is synthesized
4. The cell cycle starts with condensation of acetyl group (acetyl CoA) with pyruvic acid to yield citric acid

49. In case of poriferars, the spongocoel is lined with flagellated cells called :
1. ostia
2. oscula
3. choanocytes
4. mesenchymal cells

50. Which of the following RNAs should be most abundant in animal cell ?
1. rRNA
2. tRNA
3.  m-RNA

4 mi-RNA
2017 NEET Biology Questions and Answers
41. 3.  synovial joint
42. 1.  Selectable marker
43. 2.  Tropical Rain Forest
44. 3. 4 genotypes ; 3 phenotypes
45. 4. Chlamydomonas
46. 4. Saccharomyces cerevisiae : Ethanol  
47. 4.  (c) and (d)
48. 4.  The cell cycle starts with condensation of acetyl group (acetyl CoA) with pyruvic acid to yield citric acid
49. 3. choanocytes
50. 1. rRNA


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