Questions on Animal Tissues

1. Name the tissue which covers the external surface of the animal body and internal surface of the visceral organs?
Ans: Epithelial tissue

2.Which epithelial tissues lines the small salivary and pan and pancreatic ducts and thyroid vesicles?
Ans: Stratified cuboidal epithelium

3.Name two organs lined by transitional epithelial tissues?
Ans: Uterus and Urinary bladder

4. What tissues lines the internal mucosa of stomach, intestine and gall bladder?
Ans: Columnar epithelium
Columnar epithelium

5.Name the tissue which lacks blood vessels.
Ans:Epithelial tissue

6.Which tissues synthesises, stores and metabolises fat?
Ans: Adipose tissue

7.Which tissue forms strong, inextensible attachment of skeletal muscle to a bone?
Ans: Tendon

8.Name the tissue which connects a bone to another bone?
Ans: Ligament

9. Name the tissue where following structures are found:
(a) Haversian canals (b) Schwann cells.
Ans: a) bone  b) nerve cell

10.Name the tissues which fill the gap between organs?
Ans: Connective  tissue

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