NEET UG 2013 Biology Questions and Answer - Answer Key

NEET 2013 -Biology Questions (1-10/11-20/21-30/31-40/41-50/ 51-60)
61. If both parents are carriers for thalassemia , which is an autosomal recessive disorder, what are the chances of pregnancy resulting in an affected child?
(1) 50%
(2) 25%
(4)no chance
62.In plant breeding programmes, the entire collection of plants / seeds) having all the diverse alleles for all genes in a give crop is called:
(1) cross hybridisation among the selected parents
(2) evaluation and selection of parents
(3) Germplasm collection
(4) selection of superior recombinants
63. The first stable product of fixation of atmosphere nitrogen in leguminous plants is:
(1) Ammonia
(2) NO-3
(3) Glutamate
64. Natural reservoir of phosphorus is
(1)Animal bones
(2) Rock
(3) Fossils
(4)Sea water
65. What external changes are visible after the last moult of cockroach nymph?
(1) Anal cerci develop
(2) Both fore wings and hind wings develop
(3) Labium develops
(4) Mandibles become harder
66. The essential chemical components of many coenzymes are
(1)Nucleic acid
(2) Carbohydrates
(3) Vitamins
(4) Proteins
67. What is the correct sequence of sperm formation?
(1) Spermatogonia, Spermatocyte, Spermatozoa, Spermatid
(2) Spermatogonia, Spermatozoa, Spermatocyte, Spermatid
(3) Spermatogonia, Spermatocyte, Spermatid, Spermatozoa
(4) Spermatid, Spermatocyte, Spermatogonia, Spermatozoa
68. Monoecious plant of Chara shows occurrence of
(1) stamens and carpel on the same plant
(2) upper antherdium and lower oogonium on the same plant
(3) upper oogonium and lower antherdium on the same plant
(4) Antherdium and archegoniophore on the same plant
69.Meiosis takes place in
(1) Conidia
(2) Gemmule
(3) Megaspore
(4) Meiocyte
70. Which enzyme/s will be produced in a cell in which there is a nonsense mutation in the lac-Y gene?
(1) lactose permease
(2) transacetylase
(3) lactose permease and transacetylase
(4) Beta-galactosidase
61. (2) 25%
62. (3) Germplasm collection
63. (1) Ammonia
64. (2) Rock
65. (2) Both fore wings and hind wings develop
66. (3) Vitamins
67. (3) Spermatogonia, Spermatocyte, Spermatid, Spermatozoa
68. (3) upper oogonium and lower antherdium on the same plant
69. (4) Meiocyte
70. (4) Beta-galactosidase


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