NEET UG 2013 Biology Questions and Answers

NEET UG 2013 questions NEET 2013 -Biology Questions (1-10/11-20/21-30/31-40)
41. Which one of the following processes during decomposition is correctly described?
(1) Humification-leads to the accumulation of dark coloured substance humus which undergoes microbial action at a very fast rate
(2) Catabolism-last step in decomposition under fully anaerobic condition
(3) Leaching-water soluble inorganic nutrients rise to the top layers of soil
(4) Fragmentation-carried out by organisms such as earthworm
42. DNA fragments generated by the restriction endonucleases in a chemical reaction can be separated by
(1) Polymerase chain reaction
(2) Electrophoresis
(3) Restriction mapping
(4) Centrifugation
43.Which one of the following is not used for explant conservation?
(1) Seed banks
(2) shifting cultivation
(3) botanical gardens
(4) Field gene banks
44. Lenticels are involved in
(1) Gaseous exchange
(2) food transport
(3) photosynthesis
(4) transpiration
45.Among bitter gourd, mustard, brinjal, pumpkin, China rose, lupin, cucumber, sun hemp, gram, guava, bean, chilli, plum, petunia, tomato, withania, potato, onion, aloe and tulip. How many plants have hypogynous flower?
(1) Ten
(2) Fifteen
46. The complex formed by a pair of synapsed homologous chromosomes is called
(1) Kinetochore
(2) Bivalent
(3) Axoneme
(4) Equatorial plate
47. Which one of the following statements is correct?
(1) Sporogenous tissue is haploid
(2) Endothecium produces the microspores
(3 ) Tapetum nourishes the developing pollen
(4)hard outer layer of pollen is called intine
48. A major site for synthesis of lipids
(1) SER
(2) Symplast
(3) Nucleoplasm
49. Select the correct statement with respect to locomotion in humans
(1) Accumulation of uric acid crystals in joints causes their inflammation
(2) The vertebral column has 10 thoracic vertebrae
(3) The joint between the adjacent vertebrae is a fibrous joint
(4) A decreased level of progesterone causes osteoporosis in old people
50. A biologist studied the population of rats in a barn. He found that the average natality was 250, average mortality 240, immigration 20, emigration 30. The net increase in population is
(1) 15
(2) 05
(3) zero
(4) 10
41. (4) Fragmentation-carried out by organisms such as earthworm
42. (2) Electrophoresis
43. (2) shifting cultivation
44. (1) Gaseous exchange
45. (1) Ten
46. (2) Bivalent
47. (3 ) Tapetum nourishes the developing pollen
48. (1) SER
49. (1) Accumulation of uric acid crystals in joints causes their inflammation
50. (3) zero


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