JIPMER MBBS Entrance Biology Questions and Answers

11. The cavity of diencephalon is known as
a) I ventricle
b) II ventricle
c) III ventricle
d) iter
12. Which vitamin should not be stored?
a) Calciferol
b) Retinol
c) Niacin
d) Ascorbic acid
13. Shell of molluscs is derived from
a) foot
b) mantle
c) placoid
d) ctenidia

 14. Balbiani ring are the structural features of
chromosome puffs or Balbiani rings
.Balbiani ring

a) allosomes
b) autosomes
c) lampbrush chromosomes
d) polytene chromosomes

15. Presence of tail in a child is an example of
a) Atavism
b) Mutation
c) Divergent evolution
d) Convergent evolution
16. Connecting link between annelids and molluscs is
a) Neopilina
b) Limulus
c) Peripatus
d) Periplaneta
17. A man of A blood group marries a woman of AB blood group. Which type of progeny would indicate that man is heterozygous?
a) O
b) A
c) B
d) AB

18. Pneumatic bones are expected to be found in
a) Pigeon
b) House lizard
c) Flying ash
d) Tadpole of frog
19. Action potential is generated by
a) Na+
b) Ca+
c) K+
d) Cl-
20. Aqueous and vitreous humour are divided by
a) lens
b) iris
c) retina
d) optic nerve
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11. c) III ventricle
12. d) Ascorbic acid
13. b) mantle
14. d) polytene chromosomes
15. a) Atavism
16. a) Neopilina
17. c) B
18. a) Pigeon
19. a) Na+
20. a) lens
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