Multiple Choice Questions on Biomolecules

1. Which is distributed more widely in a cell?RNA occrs in the nucleus as well as in the cytoplasm of the cell
a) DNA
b) RNA
c) Chloroplast
d) Sphaerosomes

2. What are the most diverse molecules in the cell?
a) Lipids
b) Proteins
c) Carbohydrates
d) Mineral salts

3. Which of the following is a reducing sugar?
a) Sucrose
b) Galactose
c) β-Methyl galactocidase
d) Gluconic acid

4. The four elements that make up 99% of all elements found in a living system are
a) C, H, O and P
b) C, H, O and S
c) C, H, O and N
d) C, N, O and P

5. Glycogen is a polymer of
a) Galactose
b) Glucose
c) Fructose
d) Sucrose

6. Carbohydrates, the most abundant biomolecules on earth, are produced by
a) all bacteria, fungi and algae
b) viruses, fungi and bacteria
c) some bacteria, algae and green plant cells
d) Fungi, algae and green plant cells

7. Which of the following is the simplest amino acid?
a) Alanine
b) Glycine
c) Asparagine
d) Tyrosine

8. Which is wrong about nucleic acids?
a) DNA is single stranded in some viruses
b) one turn of Z DNA has 12 bases
c) RNA is double stranded occasionally
d) Length of one helix is 45Ao in B-DNA
9. A segment of DNA has 120 adenine and 120 cytosine bases. The total number of nucleotides present in the segment is
a) 480
b) 240
c) 120
d) 60

Cytochrome10. Mineral associated with cytochrome is
a) Cu
b) Mg
c) Fe
d) Cu and Ag

Learn more
1. b) RNA
2. b) Proteins
3. b) Galactose
4. c) C, H, O and N
5. b) Glucoseb) Glucose
6. c) some bacteria, algae and green plant cells
7. b) Glycine
8. d) Length of one helix is 45Ao in B-DNA
9. a) 480
10. c) Fe


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