Multiple Choice Questions on Biodiversity and its conservation

1. One of endangered species of Indian medicinal plants is that of
a) Ocimum
b) Nependenthes
c) Garlic
d) Podophyllum

2. Identify the odd combination of the habitat and the particular animal concerned
a) Sunderbens- Bengal Tiger
b) Periyar- Elephant
c) Rann of Kutch- Wild Ass
d) Dachigam National Park- Snow leopard

3. Which one of the following is the correctly matched pair of an endangered animal and a national park?
a) Great Indian: Keoladeo National Park Bustard
b) Lion: Corbett National Park
c) Rhinoceros: Kaziranga National Park
d) Wild ass: Dudhwa National Park

4. Identify the correct match between tiger reserve and its state
a) Manas- Assam
b) Corbett- Madhya Pradesh
c) Bandipur- Tamil nadu
d) Palananu- Orissa

5. According to IUCN Red list, what is the status of Red Panda (Ailurus fulgens)

Red Panda - Ailurus fulgens
a) Critically endangered species
b) Extinct species
c) Vulnerable species
d) Endangered species

6. Which endangered animal is the source of the world’s finest, lightest, warmest and most expensive wool -the shahtoosh?
a) Nilgai
b) Cheetal
c) Chiru
d) Kasmiri goat

7. Indri-indri lemur is found in

Indri-indri lemur
a) Sri Lanka
b) India
c) Mauritius
d) Madagaskar

8. Which of the following pairs of an animal and a plant represents endangered organisms in India?
a) Banyan and Black Duck
b) Tamarind and Rhesus monkey
c) Cinchona and Leopard
d) Bentinckia nicobarica and red panda

9. Which group of vertebrates comprises the highest number of endangered species?
a) Mammals
b) Fishes
c) Reptiles
d) Birds

10. Which one of the following is not included under in situ conservation?
a) National Park
b) Botanic Garden
c) Statuary
d) Biosphere reserve
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1. d) Podophyllum
2. d) Dachigam National Park- Snow leopard
3.  c) Rhinoceros: Kaziranga National Park
4. b) Corbett- Madhya Pradesh
5.  d) Endangered species
6. c) Chiru
7. d) Madagaskar
8. d) Bentinckia nicobarica and red panda
9.  a) Mammals
10.  b) Botanic Garden
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