Famous Indian Scientists

  • Father Green Revolution : M.S. Swaminathan
M. S. Swaminathan

  • Father of White Revolution (Operation Flood) : Varghese Kurien
Varghese Kurien

  • Father of Indian Palynology : PKK Nair
  • Father of Indian Ecology : Ram Deo Misra
  • Father of Indian Bryology : Shiv Ram Kashyap
  • Father of Indian Systematic Botany ( Taxonomy ) : H. Santapau
  • Father of Indian Paleobotany : Birbal Sahni
  • Father of Indian Phycology : M O P Iyenger
  • Plant Physiology: J.C.Bose
  • Father of Indian Physiology : R. N.Dastur
  • Father of Indian Embryology : Panchanan Maheswari
  • Father of Indian Botany & Father of Indian Herbaria : William Roxburgh
  • Father of Indian Mycology & Plant Pathology : Butler
  • Father of Pathology and Medical Research: V.R. Khanolkar
  • Pteridology: P.N.Mehra
  • Morphology: V. Puri
  • Cytology: A.K.Sharma
  • Plant Breeding: B.P.Pal
  • Mycology: T.S. Sadasivan


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